Sunday, 19 February 2017

Instagram: #TheBlendsRoom, Valentine's Day and Positive Quotes

My definition of a Sunday is a full roast with my family, writing and planning my blog posts for the week and spending endless time watching Gossip Girl. Total #bliss. Whilst I was planning my posts for the week, I realised I hadn't posted an Instagram update post in a while and collected my best moments from the past week to share with you.

A few weeks ago Garnier hosted a pop-up near my work for their Ultimate Blends range called #TheBlendsRoom. You may have seen a few bloggers on Twitter and Instagram with personalised bottles and elaborate braids. I got my hair braided in the most craziest way and picked up my favourite Rice Cream and Oat Milk shampoo! 

On my Digital Marketing course I discovered a free website tool called Canva, where you can basically create Instagram photos, infographics and blog designs. I picked this rainy theme and found a cute quote from Winnie The Pooh author, A.A.Milne.

I loved writing my Finding My Fancy Underwear post - and now I have a total addiction for anything pretty and lacy! This set is from the Rosie for Autograph Marks & Spencer collection, which also had gorgeous styles for Valentine's Day too FYI.

Of course we had Valentine's Day this week and I swear it just gets bigger and bigger each year! With that each year it progresses into not just couples celebrating love, but also friends (#Galentines and #Palentines). I loved reading all the Valentine themed posts and seeing everyone's Instagrams, it's just what was needed at this time.

How pretty did Regent Street look last week? Now with the lighter evenings, it's finally feeling less like winter and more spring. Regent Street always has the brilliant lights and if you find the perfect angle it makes a perfect Instagram shot!

How's your week been?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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