Thursday, 2 February 2017

Finding My Fancy Underwear

I always felt a bit weird sharing my underwear on my blog, but everyone wears it and in the end, these were too pretty not to share! Matching underwear is a novelty to me, basically finding something that doesn't have holes is an accomplishment, let along matching them. 

My go-to places for my everyday underwear is H&M. Nothing beats the quality and comfort from their bras and knickers, I love their multipacks for value! They also have a great selection of lace bralets at the moment, which totally pleases the small-boobed person in me.

These particular sets were in the Marks & Spencer sale, another fab shop for buying pretty but practical underwear. I'm a sucker for anything with pretty lace and see-through panels and generally stay away from anything neon and with diamante's (why?!) Thongs are so annoying and I can't stand them, but give me shorts and brazilian brief style and I'm there. Cute bralettes and triangle bras are also a favourite for my small-boobs too!

More than what fits and styles suit me best, it's the confidence fancy matching underwear gives me that I love. If you've got an important meeting, interview or just want to feel better about yourself, knowing that I'm feeling and looking fab in my matching and pretty underwear gives me the boost I need. 

Do you prefer matching or mis-match underwear? Where's your go-to shop for underwear sets?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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