Tuesday, 31 January 2017

This Month I....

I can't believe I've been keeping up this monthly series post for so long now! I quite like rounding up the previous month before starting the new one, it makes you appreciate the things that have passed and the things that are to come. January was surprisingly a fab month for me and good start to 2017!

This Month I.... ate one of the best breakfasts at Muriel's. Usually January is the time of year to start eating healthily but I totally disagree - the cold nights and long days are the PERFECT time to indulge. If you're in the Soho area. definitely check our Muriel's breakfast menu.

This Month I... booked TWO holidays! Both within a few hours of each other - crazy right?! Edinburgh is on my 2017 Bucket List, so we had to book that, and as my friends are finishing uni this summer, we also booked Rome for a few days in July. Excited is an understatement of what I'm feeling for 2017.

This Month I... finally read Harry Potter And The Cursed Child! I got this book for Christmas and couldn't wait to start reading it, being the massive Harry Potter fan I am. It 100% exceeded my expectations and I'm now on the hunt to see the play!

This Month I.... watched a lot of Gossip Girl. Now that I have Netflix on the TV, I'm addicted to watching Gossip Girl! Blair and Chuck are definitely my favourite characters, their relationship is totally crazy but I love how they always end up with each other. I've got one more season to go before the end - it's sad times.

This Month I... achieved and experienced a lot. I passed my exam and got a Professional Diploma In Digital Marketing, made a good start to the new year at work and got to spend my spare time with my favourite people. My favourite post (and one I'm most proud of!) this month is definitely Finding Mindfulness.

What was your highlight this January?

Thanks for reading!
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