Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My Hair Story

Without a doubt, getting my hair cut and blow dried is one of my favourite things to do. It's a little treat to me (and my hair!) plus it's such a massive confidence boost afterwards! I've had various hairdressers ranging from £15 to £50 for a cut and blow dry, but it's true that when you spend a little bit more that you get better quality. My hairdressers is my local Toni & Guy salon and I've never had a bad experience from it. Previously hairdressers have always cut my fringe too short or left my hair poker-straight, which totally isn't my style! 

When I was a lot younger it was, what I call, the 'mushroom' haircut with a fringe and blunt bob. Then it was growing out the fringe stage, which looked awful in my primary school photos! Then the experimental stage when I decided to cut all my hair off into an edgy bob during secondary school. Only to regret it and grow it out again for prom, then get fed up and cutting it again and growing it out again. And now we're at the stage where my hair is looking and feeling much healthier and easier to manage than ever before, now I've finally got to grips with how thick and wavy it is. I do have a slightly sensitive and dry scalp, which means I do use special soothing shampoo and conditioner - it's not like I have dandruff, but just dry and sensitive, it's hard to explain!

One thing I get asked a lot is if my hair colour is natural, and yes it is and always has been. Naturally I was a fair bit ginger and orange-toned when I was younger, but now it's thankfully turned auburn-brown-red colour. You'll have to see my Things You Can Relate To If You're Ginger post if you want to see my hair when I was younger! I've grown to like my hair colour and it's like another part of my outfit - although it does clash a lot with yellow, so you'll never see me in that...

What's your hair story? Do you have a favourite haircut?

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