Monday, 9 January 2017

Hello 2017...

Remember me? It's been a while, 18 days to be in fact and I was writing my last blog post of 2016 in my Christmas jumper! My main reason for me absence was because I was studying for an exam for my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing - and because it's probably a good idea to have a digital detox every now and then. 

I hate revision and everything that goes with it - it's the not knowing part of exams that I hate, as in 'what questions are they going to ask me?' 'Will I remember everything or have a total brain flop?!' Luckily I didn't have a complete brain flop and PASSED my exam!! Afterwards I felt a mixture of wanted to eat all the cakes in M&S, crying because I've worked bloomin' hard for this or needing to pee because it was a 3 hour exam and I had no toilet breaks at all. 

So now I can turn my attention back to blogging rather than revising flash cards and definitions every evening. I have no content planned or any photos taken, which means a new post probably won't be up until the weekend at the earliest. But bear with me and I'll be back in a flash....

If you want to know more about the course and exam I took, check out my post on my Digital Marketing Diploma with Digital Marketing London

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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