Sunday, 15 January 2017

2017 Bucket List

I promised to share my 2017 bucket list before 2016, but I missed it! That's what you have revision and mountains of life admin to thank for.

Anyway, my bucket list. January is usually such a dull month for me, that planning my year ahead and having something to look forward to makes a massive difference to my mood. I had a few ideas planned out last year and have since started putting them into action - no time like the present!

1. Visit Scotland. The furthest north of UK I've been is York and that's about it! I'm a true Southerner at heart. This year I want to visit Scotland, I'd like to spend a few days exploring Edinburgh and Glasgow and really experience Scotland for what it is. Eating the food, seeing the sites, trying out a kilt (do girls actually wear kilts?!) and everything that is Scottish.

2. Join a netball club. This is probably the hardest on my bucket list, but something I really want to do this year! I used to play netball at primary school and at weekends, then secondary school came and it got a lot more competitive and I just wanted to have fun and play netball, so I stopped. It's the hardest to organise and find because of my work schedule, but fingers crossed something comes up!

3. Go to Spitalfields. I've been talking to my friend at work about visiting Spitalfield for ages and this year I am going to get to it! Even though I go to London on a regular basis, I never get to really see London besides outside the train window, so this is one I really want to tick off the list.

4. Have afternoon tea at The Ritz. I noticed my bucket list was looking a little naked without any food activities! I love my afternoon teas as much as the next person (clotted cream, strawberry jam and fresh scones will always be my weakness) and felt that The Ritz is the perfect place to add to my bucket list. I walk past it every day, twice a day and it looks like a proper treat.

5. Try Go Ape. Trying to sign people up to do Go Ape is more of a mission than the activity itself! My sister and brother-in-law have done Go Ape before and it looks like so much fun - and when your life is sometimes sans fun, the urge to swing in the trees like a monkey is too much to resist. This will definitely be a spring or summer activity though!

6. Learn to not give a sh*t anymore. And by that I mean being honest with myself and not holding back because I'm worried about what people are going to think about me or not aiming for my goals because I don't have the self-confidence to do it. It's hard to explain exactly, maybe I'll do a full blog post on it? All in all, 2017 is the year I'm learning to be care free!

What's your New Year Resolutions or on your 2017 bucket list?

Thanks for reading!
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