Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How To Write A Bucketlist

I've started thinking about my 2017 goals and bucketlist, planning the next year ahead makes me so excited. Places to travel, new hobbies and career goals are all in my bucketlist, which I'll be sharing at around the end of the year. If you want to create your own bucketlist, I have a few tips and tricks to follow:

1. Do make them realistic. Adding too much or unrealistic goals can make you feel overwhelmed and under pressure, so make sure you pick things which you know you can achieve.

2. Write them down and make it official! There's nothing quite like putting pen to paper and writing out your bucketlist, I'm going one step further and sharing it on my blog too. 

3. Choose a few travel destinations. Whether it's travelling to Australia or to a new town or city where you haven't been before, add them to your bucketlist and start planning!

4. Pick up a new hobby. I think every bucketlist should include a new hobby that you haven't done before, make it something fun that you can do with your friends. Try a new sport, pick up a creative hobby - just make sure you stick to it!

5. Add some life goals. This is my favourite part, if your life goal is to change careers, move jobs or starting your own business, make your life goals achievable and set a plan to it. 

What is on your bucketlist?

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