Sunday, 11 December 2016

How To Stay Motivated With Your Blog

Every once in a while I loose my blog motivation, sometimes it can be that I'm not in the mood to write and create posts and other times my de-motivated mood can last a lot longer. But there are some fail-safe ways that work every time to make me motivated again:

- Write ideas down and plan. Even if you're not sure that you'll even post that idea on your blog, it's so helpful to write down your ideas and get the creative ideas flowing! I wrote an organisation post as part of my Beginner's Blogging Series on how I plan my blog posts too, usually a few weeks in advance to make sure I stay motivated.

- Read other blogs. There's nothing more motivating than supporting your fellow bloggers by reading and commenting on their posts. I find I feel inspired by other bloggers and their blogs, they're a great source of ideas and general support network!

- Have a blog refresh. If you're feeling de-motivated, sometimes having a blog layout refresh can be the turning point for your inspiration. There's some great bloggers who design blog headers and even full on blog designs that doesn't cost the earth.

- Remember why you started blogging. Everyone has different reasons for starting their blog and remembering that can be the biggest motivation for you. 

- Speak to other bloggers! I don't think there is any other community quite like the bloggers community to compare to. Try looking on Twitter under the #lbloggers, #bbloggers etc. hashtags and talk to other bloggers to keep motivated. 

I hope these ideas helped! What do you do to stay motivated with your blog?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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