Thursday, 22 December 2016

Our Christmas Traditions

Each and every family have their own Christmas Traditions, whether it's watching a classic festive film the night before or leaving out Coco Pops for Rudolph and Father Christmas a glass of sherry and mince pie. My family have a set rules of Christmas and how we celebrate it every year, there are a few newer additions throughout the years (and as we all grow up!) but we still believe in the magic of Christmas...

- Putting up the Christmas tree to the Snowman and Father Christmas films in the background. This starts pre-Christmas and usually at the end of November, but it's always been a tradition to watch these films whilst putting the tree up. If you haven't seen these films, then add them to your Christmas Day list!!

- Our annual girls Christmas Trip. On the last weekend of November, my sister, mum and I take a four day trip to a festive market and this year it was our favourite, Bath. We've been to Germany and Belgium before, but the UK ones have proven to be the best of the bunch! It's where we start our Christmas shopping and end up coming home with a car full of presents.

- Christmas Carols and fish 'n' chips. On Christmas Eve, the family head to our local church for the nativity and carols then bring home a fish 'n' chips takeaway - as mum doesn't want to cook the night before Christmas Day! We've been doing this tradition for as long as I can remember and it signals the start of a relaxing and festive period for me.

- Christmas Day breakfast and lunch. Of course it would be Bucks Fizz and a full English to start the day, then onto Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. I'm the pro pigs in blankets wrapped and my cheesecake is known in West Sussex for being one of the best.

- Mini 'tree' presents after lunch. Usually we'll open our big presents after breakfast and keep back a few smaller gifts for after lunch, which we call 'tree' presents! They can be things like a Lush bath bomb, new pens or silly things like a pooping reindeer or stick on moustaches.

- Board games and films. Because everyone is so tired after Christmas lunch, it's usually time to stick on a Disney film and play a board game. The obvious choice is Monopoly, of which I play the neutral banker so I don't get caught up in all the cheating of how my family normally plays!

- Boxing Day chill and rest. After a busy Christmas Day, I'll be waking up in new pyjamas on Boxing Day and we'll be eating all the leftovers from yesterday and find places for all our new presents! A long walk is a must too after all the food we've eaten the day before.

- Christmas sales! Some people are totally against shopping the sales soon after Christmas Day and I always, without a doubt, hear my mum saying, "Back in my day, the sales didn't start until 1st January!". But who can resist a bargain from Zara or Marks & Spencer?

What are your Christmas traditions?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tips For Staying Sane This Christmas

Christmas can make me go a little crazy at the best of times. The massive build up, the worry of getting all the right presents for my family and friends and making sure the day runs smoothly can make anyone go cuckoo!

Don't get me wrong, I love everything about Christmas and celebrating it with my family and friends, but it can be hard to stay sane throughout the time. So I thought I'd lend a hand to those feeling like I do and share my tips:

- Go for a walk. The big family walk after Christmas Day lunch is a tradition - and not one to be missed! Staying inside and cooped up all day isn't the best for you, so get some fresh air and a quick walk around the park will help.

- Stay busy! I like helping my mum with the cooking and laying the table, so staying busy with my hands is a massive tick for staying sane and not over thinking too much. I'm now the household pro at pigs in blankets FYI.

- Get into a routine. This is more for the period after Christmas as some will have a week spare before the New Year. I like to get into a routine of waking up, throwing on my running gear (if it's not too cold!), going for a quick run then coming back and setting out my plans for the day. Structure = a happy Rhiannon!

- Slow down and enjoy the day. After all, it only comes once a year! The run up to Christmas is fun, but there's nothing like Christmas Day with opening presents, delicious food and the annual Monopoly game, so just enjoy it.

- Remind yourself what it's all about. Christmas is about celebrating and spending time with those who you most love in the world, so keep that in mind when you're feeling yourself going a little Christmas Crazy!

What are your best tips for staying sane at Christmas?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Instagram Catch Up: Christmas, Enchanted Woodland and Work Party

It feels like ages since I've last sat down and properly updated you on everything! As always, it's been a busy few weeks but I've finally got all my Christmas present shopping done and just a few more days at work before Christmas. It's actually really nice to be in work before Christmas as it's super quiet, which means I get more work done and London is looking really festive now.

If you're not already, follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see what I'm up to day-to-day!

Instagram Catch Up: Christmas, Enchanted Woodland and Work Party, Brogan Tate, Youtube, Clothes Show Live, Blogger

At the beginning of the month, I headed to The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and bumped into my favourite youtuber Brogan Tate! If you don't know what I do for a living, catch up with my post here, basically I work in Digital Marketing for a beauty and personal care company who had donated products for the VIP goody bags and for the main beauty sponsor, Betty. We went to the show to make sure everything was running smoothly and that all the VIP goody bags had the right products in! I've met and worked with Brogan for a few years now and can safely say she's the most lovely and bubbly person on Youtube and that the girl you see in her vlogs is exactly how she is. I 100% recommend giving her weekly vlogs a watch.

Instagram Catch Up: Christmas, Enchanted Woodland and Work Party, Syon Park, Enchanted Woodland

A few weeks ago I visited the Enchanted Woodland in Syon Park with my friend Emily. She was recommended it from another friend and we thought we'd give it a go! In a nutshell, we had a trail we followed around the park and along the way the trees were lit up with amazing displays. There was a disco ball, fairies in the trees and even a lochness monster in the pond. Tickets were £9 and we pre-booked online to beat the queues! It's closed now until next year, but it's a lovely experience to try.

Instagram Catch Up: Christmas, Enchanted Woodland and Work Party, Bucketlist, Bucket List, 2017, Plans

With 2016 coming to a close, I shared my tips on How To Write A Bucketlist. Some people only use bucketlists in the long term, but I like to create a new one each year and start planning new things to come! I'll share with you my bucketlist plans for 2017 next week, but I'm so so excited to start booking activities in and really get the new year off to a good start.

Instagram Catch Up: Christmas, Enchanted Woodland and Work Party, Christmas Party, Work Party, STK London, radio rooftop bar, London

I had my Christmas party! At my office, we're a very fast paced and small team so we don't often get time to sit down and eat together or chat, which means the Christmas party is always an event to remember. This year it was at STK on the Strand for a classic Christmas dinner and then Radio Rooftop Bar for drinks. The view was amazing from the bar, you could see from London Bridge all the way round to Big Ben and the London Eye - by far my favourite part of the evening. Plus I got to wear my new blue sequin dress, which everyone loved and commented on. 

Instagram Catch Up: Christmas, Enchanted Woodland and Work Party, Christmas Tree

There's just one week left to go on the Advent Calendar and time to wrap the presents and prepare all the food. I have a few Christmas themed blog posts going up this week, so make sure you check them out! And I'm going to sing Christmas carols tonight at my local church, so the countdown is officially on!

What's been your highlight this week? Are you excited for Christmas?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Current Favourite Nail Polish Look

Painting my nails is a real treat for me. Mainly because spending the time to wait for them to dry is too much staying still for me! But when I do, it's got to be done properly. Shaping and cleaning my nails first, applying the Nails inc Superfood NailKale Base Coat first, then a few layers of my choose colour, next a clear top coat and finally the OPI Drip Dry Drops - which is suppose to make your nails dry in 60 seconds but I'm not too sure!

My current favourite nail polish look is from Lottie London in shade Blogger Babe, which is a really lovely dusky pink mauve shade. The longevity isn't that great, probably chipping a few days after but the colour more than makes up for it. Because it's getting closer to Christmas, I added a metallic feature nail. The shade I choose was Silver Kisses from Seventeen, again the longevity is pretty rubbish but you can't complain when the colour payoff is this pretty. It's a very pale gold, almost silver metallic shade without any annoying glitter bits! 

What do you think of this nail polish look?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

How To Stay Motivated With Your Blog

Every once in a while I loose my blog motivation, sometimes it can be that I'm not in the mood to write and create posts and other times my de-motivated mood can last a lot longer. But there are some fail-safe ways that work every time to make me motivated again:

- Write ideas down and plan. Even if you're not sure that you'll even post that idea on your blog, it's so helpful to write down your ideas and get the creative ideas flowing! I wrote an organisation post as part of my Beginner's Blogging Series on how I plan my blog posts too, usually a few weeks in advance to make sure I stay motivated.

- Read other blogs. There's nothing more motivating than supporting your fellow bloggers by reading and commenting on their posts. I find I feel inspired by other bloggers and their blogs, they're a great source of ideas and general support network!

- Have a blog refresh. If you're feeling de-motivated, sometimes having a blog layout refresh can be the turning point for your inspiration. There's some great bloggers who design blog headers and even full on blog designs that doesn't cost the earth.

- Remember why you started blogging. Everyone has different reasons for starting their blog and remembering that can be the biggest motivation for you. 

- Speak to other bloggers! I don't think there is any other community quite like the bloggers community to compare to. Try looking on Twitter under the #lbloggers, #bbloggers etc. hashtags and talk to other bloggers to keep motivated. 

I hope these ideas helped! What do you do to stay motivated with your blog?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

OOTD: Star Shirt and Winter Coat

Shirt: Primark
Skirt and Shoes: H&M
Coat: Warehouse
Bag: Accessorize
Scarf: New Look

Stars will never replace my favourite stripes, but they're slowly making their way into my wardrobe. Now I have my eye on this Warehouse Star Print Dress - so I'm keeping an eye out for the sales! For now my Primark peplum shirt will do the job just fine, worn with high waisted jeans or a tube skirt for work.

My 2017 goal will be to branch out of my usual style and try a few new looks, without spending every week in Zara! Usually I plan my outfits the night before (with some questionable choices when choosing something to wear in the dark!) and always opt for the same look. Definitely need to start up on the Pinterest bandwagon...

What's your favourite print?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How To Write A Bucketlist

I've started thinking about my 2017 goals and bucketlist, planning the next year ahead makes me so excited. Places to travel, new hobbies and career goals are all in my bucketlist, which I'll be sharing at around the end of the year. If you want to create your own bucketlist, I have a few tips and tricks to follow:

1. Do make them realistic. Adding too much or unrealistic goals can make you feel overwhelmed and under pressure, so make sure you pick things which you know you can achieve.

2. Write them down and make it official! There's nothing quite like putting pen to paper and writing out your bucketlist, I'm going one step further and sharing it on my blog too. 

3. Choose a few travel destinations. Whether it's travelling to Australia or to a new town or city where you haven't been before, add them to your bucketlist and start planning!

4. Pick up a new hobby. I think every bucketlist should include a new hobby that you haven't done before, make it something fun that you can do with your friends. Try a new sport, pick up a creative hobby - just make sure you stick to it!

5. Add some life goals. This is my favourite part, if your life goal is to change careers, move jobs or starting your own business, make your life goals achievable and set a plan to it. 

What is on your bucketlist?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

This Month I...

... am a little late to the party! I took a week off blogging last week, as I'd just come back from Christmas shopping in Bath and had no time to even check Twitter - it was that busy. But rewinding to November, it was another brilliant month with suprises, trips away and getting in the festive mood.

This Month I... ate a lot in preparation for the colder weather! I visited Bill's in Lewes (the original one, don't you know?!) and had the delicious Avocado and Poached Egg on Toast with extra Bacon. If this doesn't make you hungry then I don't know what will.

This Month I... bought majority of my Christmas presents! Usually I like to be prepared before December but this year I was running out of time to find gifts. Luckily my long weekend in Bath provided the perfect opportunity to shop until we couldn't fit anymore in the car. They're all wrapped and labelled underneath my tree now - so exciting!

This Month I... featured in Look Magazine! It's so weird seeing my face printed in a national magazine and seen by thousands of people, my mum was so proud haha. And you can never go wrong with a red lipstick.

This Month I... watched Coldplay at the London Palladium. I mentioned in my Instagram Catch Up post that Coldplay have been on my must-see-before-I-die list for ages and I won tickets to see them play at the London Palladium! It was an amazing experience to see them, not only do they sound great but they always put on an unforgettable experience.

This Month I.... went to Bath Christmas Markets! Every year my sister, mum and I visit a Christmas market in the UK or Europe and do all our present shopping. Bath is by far our favourite and this year was our third time returning. The markets are massive and have a great variety of gifts, food and handmade products, alongside the usual highstreet shops. 

What did you get up to in November?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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