Thursday, 24 November 2016

OOTD: Mustard Roll-Neck and Smart Trousers

Coat: Warehouse
Roll-Neck: Primark
Trousers: ASOS
Shoes, Scarf and Belt: New Look
Bag: Accessorize

It's not often that you'll find my trouser choice not a pair of jeans, trousers always remind me of school and having to spend ages finding the perfect pair to go with your school uniform! I used to get these awful styles that really kicked flare out and were made of stretchy elastic that always used to loose it's stretch and all the elastic would then come out. Thankfully I have now moved on from those 2000's styles and opted for a slim-fit ASOS pair, which are my lazy-but-smart outfit because you can wear them with anything.

Roll-neck jumpers are a must-do when your office is like a fridge first thing in the morning. Primark have a really great and affordable selection of roll-neck jumpers at the moment. I either prefer thin knit and slim-fit styles which I can tuck into skirts or trousers or baggy and chunky styles that I can wear when it gets really cold! If there's ever a style of jumper which you can rely on each year, it's the roll-neck jumper.

What's your favourite winter jumper?

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