Sunday, 6 November 2016

Digital Marketing Diploma with Digital Marketing London

Isn't it crazy to think that Facebook is just 12 years old? And Instagram turned 6 years old in 2016? And that email marketing still has the highest conversion than any other channel? There's no doubt that digital marketing is a growing industry and one that brands don't want to be left behind on. 

I work full time at a company called Brodie & Stone, a beauty brand owner and manufacturer in Digital Marketing. Note: I may do a separate post on my job role and what exactly I do in another post for another time! Onto the real topic of the post, I attended the Digital Marketing Diploma Course from the Digital Marketing London and Digital Marketing Institute and I thought I would share what I learnt and why, if you're interested in Digital Marketing as a career, you need this course.

The course is a boot-camp style, running from Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5pm with an hour lunch and a few breaks in between. It's intense, for what we learnt each day you're running 100mph and gaining valuable knowledge along the way. 

Each day was split between two topics:

- Intro to Digital Marketing, this is where we ran through each topic for the day and discussed our current digital marketing strategy.

- Email Marketing, this area focused on newsletters, how to gain sign-ups and what are the best practices.

- SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I loved learning about SEO and how Google works to search every website for keywords, this part is crucial for being known on the web.

- PPC or Pay Per Click. Google also allows you to run ads to target specific search terms and provide amazing reports afterwards.

- Social Media Marketing Pt 1 and 2. From Facebook and Snapchat to advertising and top tips, we discussed everything social media - this was by far my best day!

- Digital Display. This lesson was all about how to advertise on blogs and websites and what the best positions and content are.

- Mobile Marketing. My mind was fully blown by the potential of Mobile Marketing, the possibilities in technology are endless.

- Analytics. Finding out who your customers are, where they come from and what they're searching is so important in Digital Marketing.

- Strategy. After learning all of the above, we learnt how to put our ideas and projects into practice to get the best results out of them.

With the Digital Marketing London team, the course is focused on Fashion and Beauty brands as the tutors were working in those industries at the time. In my opinion, this is why it's difficult to teach Digital Marketing at Uni because you need to be working in the industry to stay with the trend and as digital marketing is always evolving and changing, the syllabus would constantly change.

Now I have completed the course I will be taking an exam in the next few weeks to get my diploma. The exam is multiple choice and 3 hours long - a lot easier compared to my A-Levels and college exams!

My aim was to improve my basic knowledge of digital marketing and efficiently use my time as I manage a lot of brands and accounts. Now I feel fully prepared and ready for the opportunities in digital marketing.

If you're looking to learn more about digital marketing, I would really recommend this course. The tutors are brilliant and so helpful with any questions you may have and it's an amazing investment in your future. For more information, please visit the Digital Marketing London website.

What do you think of digital marketing? 

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

*Please note, this post is not sponsored or paid for, I'm just really passionate about digital marketing and sharing my experience and knowledge!

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