Sunday, 13 November 2016

5 Tips For Attending Your First Blog Event

Ever felt too shy or nervous to RSVP to a blog event? I know the feeling....

Blogging events are becoming more and more frequent, especially collaborating with brands to host special previews and evenings. I recently went to the Thirty Plus Blogs and Caudalie event in Covent Garden and thought I would share my tips for going to your first event and hopefully encourage you to attend yours. 

1. Introduce yourself to the host
Besides being polite, saying hello and leaving your details with your host is a great way to break the ice. They may also be able to introduce you to other bloggers at the event too if you've arrived by yourself and explain a more about the event too.

2. Network!
We all know the importance of networking on social media, but it's also crucial to network with other bloggers at events. Creating personal relationships with bloggers is a bonus to blogging and improves your networking skills too.

3. Take Business Cards
Events can get pretty busy and if you're meeting lots of people, it's hard to keep track of names and blog names! I always carry a few business cards in my purse, but keep a stack with you at events to share with people and say hello to those on Twitter afterwards.

4. Take Photos
With all the networking, you can forget to take photos! When I first get to an event and after saying hello to the host, I whip my phone out and take a few photos and remind myself to take more throughout the evening. And remember to share them on Twitter and Instagram as you go too!

5. Don't Be Afraid
Going to your first event can be a scary thing, but everyone is or has been in the same boat as you! Make sure you're prepared, know where the venue is, take business cards and if you want to meet up before with another blogger, send a tweet out with the event hashtag and ask who's around to meet up. I've worked on the other side of these events before and I can tell you that we're just as excited to talk and share our brand with you too! 

Thank you to Hayley from London Beauty Queen and Thirty Plus Blog Events and Caudalie for organising the event. It was great to network and meet so many other bloggers and talk all about beauty!

Have you been to a blogging event before? What would your tip be?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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