Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Why You Should Be Yourself

With the pressure of every day life, sometimes I end up questioning what I'm doing and whether it's for myself. Or because I think I 'should' be doing it because that's how society tells me to. In social media and blogging is where I find I feel the most pressure to be someone else, if I don't have that marble background, the latest outfit or makeup palette, then am I really part of the blogging gang?

I wanted to write this post about why you should be yourself and why you shouldn't have to worry about being anyone else. You don't have to conform to the mould that you think you need to be, shape yourself. Only when you truly know yourself and boundaries, do you really have fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

Before blogging turned 'cool', I was sometimes embarrassed to say that I write a blog. But without this blog, I wouldn't have met so many amazing and inspirational bloggers that I have done today. All because I was myself. Without really understanding what I wanted out of life and not following others, there's no way I would be in the career I am now. All because I was myself.

Being true to yourself is what makes you unique and interesting. Don't like drinking alcohol, but feel the pressure from your peer group to? Stick to your guns and stay honest to yourself about who you really are.

In the past I was happy to follow the crowd, never really sticking my personality out because I thought it didn't conform to what I was told it should be. Now I'm out of that situation, I couldn't be happier, so being true to myself and having the courage to stick to it made that happen.

Do you feel like your under pressure to conform sometimes? 

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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