Sunday, 2 October 2016

Let's Be Honest...

Glamour UK magazine have this feature every month called Hey It's Ok.... adding in sentences and phrases such as "if you find it annoying when people say, "I'll give it 110%." Maths people!" Funny phrases that we all probably think and worry over, when it's really the small stuff! Along the same lines, I'll be sharing a few of my honest truths.

Let's Be Honest...

... I'm never going to tick everything off my to-do list. 
It's universal fact by now, that my to-do list is ever growing and ongoing. I'm happy if I can get the big stuff out of the way and have only a few little things left. But it's never going to be finished - and that's totally okay!

... flirting is really not my thing.
Give me a drink or two for dutch courage and I'll be a flirting queen. But I really suck at flirting! Through texts or dating apps it's really not my thing, however practice makes perfect.

... exercise isn't my best friend.
I've tried and failed at exercising, I can just never keep it up! I'll go for a run and have the 7 Minute Exercise app, but one HIIT class with my friend proved that I was never destined for exercise. Maybe with a proper routine it may work out...

... my hair has a world of its own at times.
Some days it can be the perfect wavy style with my fringe at that perfect length. Others, it looks like I've been dragged through a bush backwards, twice. But hey, that's just my style!

... if I still haven't mastered contouring.
Highlight I can do fine, but add a contour and baking (the only baking I do is in the kitchen!) and it's a whole new kettle of fish! I'll stick with my highlight and blush thank you very much.

... being clumsy is my thing.
It's known and well-documented in my family that I am the clumsy one. I used to fall down and up the stairs so many times and trip out of doors, luckily without any serious injuries!

Share your Let's Be Honest memories below!

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