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Film vs Book: The Girl On The Train

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As one of the highly anticipated films of the year, The Girl On The Train book and film has been one of my favourites so far this year. If you don't know the story (have you been hiding under a rock?!) it's about a depressed alcoholic called Rachel, who travels on the same train every day until she sees something from the window that'll change everything. A woman goes missing and Rachel is convinced she knows who took her and is determined to find out, what she doesn't realise is that the answer is closer to home than she thought. There's going to be spoilers in this post, so I've giving you plenty of warning!

The Book
I'll start with the book as it's the original format of the story and has sold 11 million copies in the space of 18 months. From my full book review, you'll get in depth detail of my views! In a nutshell, this thriller kept me so gripped I finished it in just one week - furiously reading it on my train to work to find out what really happened to Megan, who went missing. What I loved about this book is that it really kept you guessing until the end, you had no clue who took Megan and if Rachel was really a part of it. And I love a book with a split narrative and time, I like switching between the different tones of voice and perspective and cleverly piecing together the story yourself. Catch up with my full The Girl On The Train book review.

The Film
I tried my hardest to not read the reviews before I went to the cinema, but it's too tempting not to! Most reviews criticised the fact that it was set in America rather than the UK, but I didn't really see a difference beside the accents. Another criticism was because Emily Blunt is too beautiful to play Rachel, but this is totally wrong because the makeup used and just the way Emily acted proved that she was the perfect person to play Rachel. A few bits were sped up in the race to find out what happened to Megan, otherwise the film would've been too long and drawn out. The film did keep the split narrative like the book, which made piecing together the story even more thrilling. Overall they stayed very true to the book and I would 100% recommend the film to anyone, whether you have read the book or not.

Have you read the book or film? What did you think?

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