Thursday, 22 September 2016

OOTD: More Stripes and Jewellery Chat

Jacket, Top and Shoes: Primark
Skirt: ASOS
Bag, Blue Stone Ring and Necklace: Accessorize
Watch: Olivia Burton
Silver Rings: Pandora and Presents

And here come the stripes again! Would you be all that surprised to count how many things are stripey in my wardrobe? I feel like it would need it's own dedicated blog post to show the full extent. It's a classic anyway! When I bought this midi black skirt from ASOS last summer I knew I'd get a lot of wear out of it, but I really didn't know how much. You can literally put it with any top, shirt or blouse and you're good to go. What I love about it is the flow and shape of it, *insert lots of twirling around to demonstrate* Plus it's the most comfortable skirt I own, there's no zips or buttons meaning the elasticated waistband allows for those Nandos lunch babies that always seem to happen... 

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I own a lot of jewellery. For me, it's the finishing touch to an outfit and adds personality that a dress just can't do. But I am picky about what I wear. I'll only wear silver rings, maybe rose gold at a push but never gold. For earrings and necklaces I'm pretty easy, but the length and design of them has to be particular too! 

What do you think about this outfit? Are you picky about your jewellery too? 

Thanks for reading! 
Rhiannon x

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