Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Perfect Pamper Evening

Like the majority of beauty bloggers, I love a good pamper evening. Mine will usually be on a Sunday, when I've had my roast dinner and everything is scheduled on my blog for the week and I can finally relax. I may have mini pamper sessions throughout the week, but I've got my full routine down to a T.

1. Soak in the bath
If I can get my mum out of it that is... First I'll apply a hair mask, usually something from Aussie or Percy & Reed as these are my favourite hair treat brands. Next it'll be a face mask, something from Una Brennan or Origins are my favourites, especially anything that can deeply cleanse my pores! 

2. Scrub and shave
If don't admit a good exfoliating scrub and shave is a proper pamper evening, then you need to try this!  Whatever scrub I have on the go (usually some kind from Soap & Glory!) I'll use all over my body with a hand mitt, as this helps to keep the scrub from slipping off. My favourites are Pulp Friction or their original Flake Away version, if I fancy something fruitier then it'll be a Body Shop scrub. After exfoliating all over, I'll wash with a shower gel like Molton Brown or Korres and use my Venus razor to shave my legs and underarms. And once out of the bath, a nourishing body butter to help keep my skin smooth and happy. 

3. Cleanse, tone and moisturise
The three steps to any skincare routine. I do swap cleansers quite regularly, usually between my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and Una Brennan Skin Renew Oil, both of which are great for dry skin. Then onto my new favourite toner, the Serozinc from La Roche Posay, which I've become a little addicted to.... I prefer to not use a serum in the evening, but I'll choose my Soap & Glory Night Cream then apply a Decleor Night Balm on top, which is a godsend for dry and spot-prone skin as the essential oils soothe and nourish.

4. Paint nails
As if a pamper routine would be without this?! My nail polish collection is getting a little out of hand, with not enough nails to paint! I have a favourite nude from Color Club and a classic red from Morgan Taylor, which does last longer in terms of chip resistance than most nail polishes. Nail wraps are also really fun to try, like my Dinky Belle wraps I tried out last month. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it's inspired your own pamper routine! 

What's in your pamper routine? 

Thanks for reading! 
Rhiannon x

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