Sunday, 4 September 2016

My 5 Favourite Bloggers

One thing I miss about being a student, is the time to comment on my favourite blogs. After school I used to come home, do some homework, write a blog post and spend my evenings reading other blogs. Now I manage to read a few blogs on my commute to work and keep up with new and old favourites!

So it's time to share my favourite blogs with you, the ones who make me super excited to read their latest posts:

My 5 Favourite Bloggers, The Makeup Directory, Sally O'Kelly, Blog, Blogger

The Makeup Directory by Sally O'Kelly

As if her dreamy flatlays aren't enough to make you want to follow her, but Sally is genuiely a lovely person. Her new Weekly Wishlists are a fab feature and reviews on all things beauty, will make you want to buy more lipsticks and Essie nail polishes!

My 5 Favourite Bloggers, Robowecop, Rhianna, blog, blogger

If you're looking for no-shit-taken straight-talking blogging then Rhianna is your gal. Her blog is a mixture of beauty and life tips and motivational posts, all brilliantly written. It's hard to get across your personality in a blog post, but you can really see Rhianna's wit and sass shine through.

My 5 Favourite Bloggers, Britton Loves, Lauren, Blog, Blogger

For someone who is only just getting the hang of flatlays, Lauren's photography tips are more helpful than you can imagine! Her blog is not only gorgeous, but her unique posts and delicious recipes have me always looking forward to her new posts. Plus I've met her at events before and she's such a friendly gal.

My 5 Favourite Bloggers, From Roses, Rebecca, Blog, Blogger

From Roses by Rebecca

Rebecca's blog is always the first one I read on my commute to work. What I love about From Roses is that Rebecca posts every day but always keeps her content fresh and relevant. It's a mixture of fashion and beauty - my favourite blog genres to read!

My 5 Favourite Bloggers, The Life & Loves Of NineGrandStudent, Chloe, Blog, Blogger

The Life & Loves of NineGrandStudent by Chloe

I've been reading Chloe's blog for a long while now and every post is always a must-read! Her lifestyle posts are fab and photography skills are some I need to learn, but the posts that always excite me are her food posts. Especially her Malteaser Blondies post, which I still need to make!

Who's your favourite bloggers? I hope you found a few new ones to follow!

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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