Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Current Favourite Lip Products

My favourite kind of lip products are the ones which look like "my lips but better". Give me a nude lip colour over a red any day! I also need my lip products to last the day, with minimal touch ups. Sounds like the dream right? 

First we'll start with the Clinque Lip Pop in Nude Pop, a freebie from Glamour Magazine last summer. This adds the perfect amount of shimmer without looking like a gloss overload, plus the shade is an almost match to my own lips so there's no need to faff with a lip liner either. I'm near the end of the mini sample and will be checking out the rest of the range, although I'll miss the compact size!

Next up is the famous NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, my shade is Istanbul and my go-to lip colour for going out. As the name suggests, it's a matte colour which doesn't dry out the lips or leave them feeling like sand paper. I do find a lip liner works best with this to prolong it's wear, but I reckon you can go without too. See what else I got from NYX with my haul post here. 

A classic lip product in my opinion are the Revlon Lip Crayons. A simple idea to make your favourite lip shade in a crayon form but still with the long lasting properties. I'll be wearing the shade Proudly Naked (now sadly discontinued) on most days as a nude "my lips but better" shade, and I'll be able to apply it without a mirror! As you can see from the swatch, it is a sheer shade but it can be built upon and the brighten colours offer more colour. 

It's probably boring to read my love for Korres products by now, but their Lip Balms deserve a mention. Created with Shea butter to smooth and soften lips and a natural colour tint. I have four different shades (I know I'm obsessed...) but my most used is Quince, a gorgeous pink that suits all skin tones. All the lip balms have their own scent depending on then colour and fit perfectly in all handbags! 

I know a clear lip balm is probably a cheat product to include in a favourites, but I've always got a Carmex in my bag and one spare in my draw at work too - just for lip balm emergencies.... The tingling feeling after applying it is a personal favourite for me and the scent reminds me of my sister, who introduced me to it. 

What's your favourite lip product? 

Thanks for reading! 
Rhiannon x 

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