Sunday, 25 September 2016

Blogging Myths

Whenever I mention that I have a blog, a lot of people assume that it's an easy job and doesn't take up that much time. But that's so not true! Only other bloggers can really understand how much work and time goes into creating a blog and promoting it, So today I bring you the many blogging myths I've heard:

You have to be a professional photographer/good at writing
The reason I started a blog was because I loved writing and the photography part came second, which I'm sure is vice versa for other people too! You don't need to be an amazing photographer or writer to have a blog, your blog is about you and what you enjoy so let that shine through!

It's quick and easy work
Writing and taking photos is only the start of having a blog, then it's the social media promotion, attending events and managing any brand paid work too. That's why people blog full time! I like spending my weekends and evenings on my blog, it's something I've taken time and put hard work into.

You have to stick to one genre
Another thing I love about blogging is the flexibility. There's no set rules to what you have to write and blog about, which is why you'll find the majority of bloggers are a mixture of genres! If you're passion is fashion and outfits but love afternoon tea, write about it too. There's no boundaries!

All bloggers have to have...
A marble background, a cactus, a rose gold iPhone etc. insert whatever cliche you hear other bloggers talking about! Similar to my last point, you don't have to have that flatlay background everyone has or that must-have lipstick. Put your personality into your blog and it'll outshine the masses of the same.

You need money to be a blogger
Writing the post hardly cost me anything, besides the obvious laptop, internet etc. My flatlays are either a pretty bed spread or wallpaper samples from Homebase. Tips and Favourites posts are low-cost and always a popular read!

What blogging myths do you know?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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