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Book Review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

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Only when I've devoured a book within a week, you know it's a good'un. I tried to resist the hype around The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins when it was release January 2015, but alas the curiosity got the better of me.

It starts with Rachel, an alcoholic, who takes the same train into London and sees the same neighbours from the train window each day - one of them her ex-husband. She creates fantasy lives for one couple she sees every day, Jess and Jason, fulfilling the life she once had through them. You learn more about Rachel and why her life and relationship with her ex-husband, Tom, has crumbled since before their divorce. The story then changes to one year earlier to Megan Hipwell, who lives opposite the train tracks. From the outside Megan's life looks idyllic, a husband who loves her, a gorgeous house and opportunities ahead of her, but a haunting secret from her past plaques her. Then in the current time, Rachel sees something from the train and realises her insight and knowledge can help find the killer of Megan Hipwell.... but can she work it out and remember?

Throughout the story development, you'll start to see another crucial link between Rachel and Megan and her death. It's totally unexpected and took me by surprised! The story tackles a lot of issues, such as depression, alcoholism, controlling and abusive partners and teenage pregnancy - without revealing too much about the story. After learning about Megan's secrets, you automatically think it's the husband who killed her but Hawkins throws in a curve ball.... Another interesting supporting storyline is the relationship between Rachel, her ex-husband Tom and Anna, his new wife. At the end the story is left on a single sentence cliff hanger, which I'm still trying to get my head around!

I've noticed a trend of authors splitting chapters by characters and time frames, which I really enjoy reading. Hawkins uses three women; Rachel, Anna and Megan, as her lead females (a nice change to male leads!) with one in a different time zone to the others. If you like thrillers and something that'll keep you guessing until the end, I'd 100% recommend reading this book. It'll be interesting to watch the film when it comes out in October 2016, because I've heard it's been set in American, rather than the book's London location. But the amazing Emily Blunt is in it. so you know it'll be in good hands.

Have you read this book before? What are you currently reading?

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