Sunday, 10 July 2016

Why I'm Struggling To Blog

It's got to that point after 4 years of blogging that it's actually becoming a struggle. Here I am on a Sunday afternoon writing 4 blog posts, taking photos and scheduling in all my social media posts for the week, when I could be outside reading a book, seeing friends and just experiencing life as a 20 year old. I'm not gonna go on with 'poor me, poor me' argument, because I'm pretty lucky where blogging has taken me in my career etc. 

Sometimes I just want to not have to worry about my blog for a week or two, but as incredibly protective I am over my blog, I wouldn't let myself take even a mini break. My schedule works like this, Monday to Friday I work in London in digital marketing for a cosmetics company - something I love doing and that my blog helped me get the job in the first place. I leave my house before 7am and am lucky to get home before 7pm, leaving a couple of hours to eat, relax, catch up with friends and family in the evening before doing it all over again the next day. Then the weekends are my free time to do whatever I want, but I always end up leaving my blog to the last minute on a Sunday afternoon - right when I fancy a nap and good book to snuggle down with. 

Blogging is a hobby for me, yes it does take up a lot of my spare time at the weekends and sometimes nothing flows from my brain, through my fingers and onto the keyboard that's even worth putting online. The comparison game is another fun one to play, Why has she got so many followers? What am I doing differently? How can I get to that position? It's hard work and dedication that gets you there. 

So those are the reasons why I'm struggling to blog; time, lack of creativity and the comparison demon. What I do love about blogging though is the community, I try to take part in blogger chats over the weekend but sometimes it's not possible (see reason 1) and when I do it's so great to chat to other similar people. Do you guys ever struggle to blog? Or get down in the dumps about blogging?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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P.S Sorry this is an unorganised ramble, I just had a lot of things to write about!

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