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The Bloggers Summer Hangout

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My first blogging event as a blogger! I've been to blogging events as part of a brand before, and I know just how crazy busy they can get but how great it is to meet so many bloggers. The Bloggers Hangout were celebrating turning three years old on Saturday 25th June at The Strand Gallery in London. I think it's so amazing how many bloggers and event planners have created and managed events just for bloggers over the years and how supportive the whole community is. 

The Bloggers Summer Hangout Pink Parcel, Pink Parcel, Monthly Subscription Box, Monthly Box, Period, Time Of The Month, Beauty

The Bloggers Summer Hangout Pink Parcel, Pink Parcel, Monthly Subscription Box, Monthly Box, Period, Time Of The Month, Beauty

My first stop was the lovely girls at Pink Parcel. I've heard of Pink Parcel before, it's a monthly subscription box which sends you products to help you along with your period! Each box includes tampons and pads, along with tea (because it really does help with your period!) something sweet and a beauty product to treat yourself with. The lovely lady at Pink Parcel (sorry I can't remember her name!) talked us through the concept of Pink Parcel, why it's different from the rest and then allowed us to pick 7 different products for our own Pink Parcel! 

The box gets sent to you every month, around the dates you pick where your period would fall. Then you pick your favourite brands and just wait for it to arrive! Your first box is £6.99, then £10.50 afterwards, which I think is a great bargain because you'll use all the products and it's something to look forward to at that time of the month. Find out more about Pink Parcel here.

A quick refuel at Cocktail Mania, where you tweeted to order your drink - a great idea! There was a choice of three drinks, I chose the Strawberry Dreams mocktail one as I was driving home and didn't fancy drinking too much. The drink was delicious and similar to those Slush Puppies back in the old days.

The Bloggers Summer Hangout Sass & Belle, Gifts, Sass & Belle, Presents, Affordable, Pretty

Then onto my favourite brand of all - Sass & Belle! I love this shop and visit every month to pick up little presents and gifts for my family and friends. Everything in their shops are very Instagram-able and you'll basically want everything, especially as they're not too expensive and all well made too. They kindly gifted us with a few bits (coming in a post soon!)  which my sister is slightly jealous at. We spoke about their latest cactus and summer ranges, of course my favourite is the pink flamingo range as it's so cool and girly.

The Bloggers Summer Hangout Fausts Potions, Fausts Potions, Health Supplement, Natural Supplement

I headed round to a brand I hadn't heard of before, called Fausts Potions. It's essentially a natural brand which has a Awake and  Asleep Potion, which (as you can guess from the name) are nutritional supplements to help you with hangovers and early mornings or late nights. I tasted both and have to say the Awake Potion is my favourite, as it had a slight orange and citrus-y taste that would definitely wake me up in the mornings!

The Bloggers Summer Hangout Dinki Belle Nail Wraps, DinkiBelle, Dinki Belle, Nail Wraps, Beauty

Then lastly I found Dinki Belle Nail Wraps. I only paint my nails and get the odd gel manicure from my sister, but I have never used nail wraps before - mainly because I thought they were so difficult to use! I met the lovely Nadia, who founded Dinki Belle after testing so many nail wraps and not finding ones which are affordable, pretty and durable. Each nail wrap lasts for up to 14 days and looks so easy to apply. Nadia gave me a nail wrap to try, which I'll be saving for my 21st birthday this month and give it a proper test - I'll let you know how it goes!

There were a few other brands at the event which I didn't get the chance to speak too as it was so busy, but I really enjoyed my first blogging event as a blogger! It was a little scary going alone, but I soon found a group of girls who were lovely to talk to and explore the event with. So thank you to The Bloggers Hangout for inviting me!

Have you been to a blogger event before? 

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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