Sunday, 26 June 2016

Instagram: London, Florence and Haircut

I wish I could say these past few weeks have been interesting and exciting to share with you, but besides my trip to Florence, it's been back to the usual time spent in London working and generally chilling out. There's a new This Month I... June edition coming up this week, so I'll hopefully have more to talk about then!

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Giving what the EU Referendum results were on Friday, London is feeling weirdly tense and angry at the moment but still patriotic. I love these flags all along Regent's and Oxford Street, plus it makes the perfect Instagram! London has been crazy busy with tourists this week, so I'm quite glad that I come home to Sussex every day for peace and quiet.

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I spotted these flowers in a cafe window and had to same them quick! Purple and pink flowers are my favourite, especially delicate shapes like this one. I'm trying to be more 'spur of the moment' with my Instagrams and not just have the same old images from my blog or whatever.

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It's been just under two weeks since I've been back from Florence, and I'm totally missing the weather, food and views like this! I did do a mini post on Things To Do and See In Florence so you can catch up there. This photo is a favourite of us together and the background is just gorgeous.

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The trains have been crazy annoying these week because of train strikes and flooding. But one silver lining is walking past Buckingham Palace at 7:20am on a Tuesday without any tourists! The sun hits the palace in the morning, so it's always a pretty picture.

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I had a haircut the other week and I'm so pleased with it now! Even though my fringe will grow out in 10 seconds (it's my measurement for when I need a haircut next) it's feeling a lot healthier and thicker now. I do want to grow it longer by 3-4 inches but I'm not looking forward to how long it'll take to wash and dry too!

What's been your highlight this week? What is your opinion on the EU referendum?

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