Sunday, 12 June 2016

How to stay motivated at work

Whenever I hit the afternoon slump at my desk, it's difficult to stay motivated at work. Sometimes on those days when everything is going wrong/annoying you/just 'meh' then it's hard to keep your spirits up at work. I've got a few tips and tricks I turn to when my motivational levels are low:

- Priority list 
My motivation dips when I've been stuck on a task for so long that I've just lost interest, so I find lists work best for me. Each evening before I leave work, I'll start a new list for me tomorrow, starting with the easiest and quickest first. That way you'll feel like you've accomplished a few tasks and motivated to take on the next big ones.

- Stay hydrated
It's the age-old tip, but staying hydrated with water really does help to keep you on track. I keep a big 1.5 L water on my desk and top up my water whenever I've finished it, so I've always got a class on the go. I find drinking plenty of water helps keep my brain awake and motivated throughout the day.

- Taking a break
It's crazy to see the stats on how many people take their lunch break at their desks, instead of taking a walk and getting out of the office. Even if it's popping to the supermarket or post office, getting fresh air and exercise. Just taking a quick walk can really help to refresh and kick start your motivation!

- Set goals
Depending on what your job is, setting yourself mini and long-term goals can really help with keeping your motivation up. Small accomplishments like "I called/emailed X people today" or "I finished that task before the deadline" really help with keeping you upbeat and inspired at work. 

What's your top tips for staying motivated at work?

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