Thursday, 23 June 2016

Book Review: A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton

Despite the huge stack of books beside my bed, there's always time to purchase a fresh new novel to read. I found A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton at the airport before heading to Florence and few weeks ago, and I'll be lying if the front cover didn't have my sold straight away! 

The story revolves around one woman, Amaterasu Takahashi and her daughter, Yuko, who passed away in the Nagasaki bombin in 1945, along with her grandson Hideo. Amaterasu and her husband Kenzo then moved to America following the bombing to grieve for their family, after all hope was lost. But this story takes you before the bombing, how Amaterasu met Kenzo and his doctor friend Jomei Sato, who would later become a big part of Yuko's life that no one saw coming. Then in the present day, a man claiming to be Hideo finds Amaterasu and then the story of Yuko and Jomei becomes much clearer....

I adore Japanese culture, from the delicious food and crafts to their style of living and this book brings memories back from my trip to Japan last year. Each chapter begins with a Japanese word and explanation, which would relate to the following chapter - something which I love learning about! The lead character herself is quite cold and abrupt, but after reading the whole book you understand why her personality is like that. It's hard to do justice to the Nagasaki bombing and its event in a fictional book, but it doesn't focus too much on this - rather the events before the bombing and the re-building of lives afterwards. It's a heart-wrenching story of love and ultimately hope, and something I'll always come back to.

Have you read A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton before? What's your current read?

Thanks for reading!
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