Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Spring Primark Haul

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Working so close to Primark Tottenham Court Road store is definitely a detrimental effect to my bank account - and it's not even as if I went in there for something specific. But when I start picking up one thing, it ends up with an armful and I have to whittle it down to things that I do actually need!

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Primark, Haul, Spring Haul, Fashion Haul, Primark Haul, Shirt, Linen Shirt, Laundered Shirt, Blue Striped Shirt, White Shirt, White Shirt with Blue Stripes, Summer Shirt
Primark Blue Striped Laundered Shirt £10 (sorry there's no link!)

First up are of course these two shirts. Their main purpose will be for the warmer summer months and I am going to Florence for a week in June, so these will be handy for then too. I picked up the white version first, then fell in love with the blue style and just thought why not get them both? Plus the different pattern on the pockets is so cool.

They'll be a pain to iron because they're like soft linen fabric, but because they're so light they'll be perfect for hot days with a pair of denim shorts and cute sandals. I got them both in size 10 which is one size up than my usual size, but I wanted them slightly loose anyway.

Primark, Haul, Spring Haul, Fashion Haul, Primark Haul, Top, Dress, Side Split Top, Primark Top, White Top, Slogan Top
Primark Split Long T-Shirt £7.50 (sorry, not link either!)

I'm still slightly unsure of this top/dress hybrid, because at the moment it basically blends into my skin I am that pale haha. It's not the usual shape I would go for, especially the side split, but it's one of those casual tops I can throw on over leggings and wear with a denim shirt or jacket. The little slogan says something like 'I've fallen in love and his name is New York' which fits perfectly as I LOVE New York! I probably will keep it and wear it more in the summer time, gotta have these options.

Primark, Haul, Spring Haul, Fashion Haul, Primark Haul, Bomber Jacket, Khaki Bomber Jacket, Suede Bomber Jacket,

So this was a complete impulse buy, and one that I'll probably wear to death! I've seen tonnes of girls on Instagram wearing cool black and khaki bomber jackets that I really fancied one for myself. Then I spotted this one in Primark and picked up the smallest size they had, a 12, which is fine really because I like jackets slightly bigger anyway. 

It might not look that good in the photo, but in person it's so much cooler. So far I've worn it with a grey polo neck and black skinny jeans which is my favourite combination. It is very thin fabric, so you can't quite wear it by itself yet but come summer I'll be wearing it with cute denim shorts and crop tops or a-line skirts and pretty tops. Why isn't it summer now?!

Have you found anything in Primark recently? What's your latest spring/summer buys?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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