Sunday, 17 April 2016

Why blogging isn't all about the numbers

*NB When I mention numbers, I do mean like followers, pageviews, impressions etc.

Sometimes it's nice to take a step back from the follower counts, bounce rates and email sign ups to appreciate why blogging isn't all about the numbers. Back in the day when I started out blogging (2012 FYI!) it was just a hobby and people did it for fun and reviewed various beauty and fashion products because they loved it, not because they were paid or gifted it.

It would be naive to say that the leaps and bounds blogging as a whole has taken has opened up so many doors and opportunities for bloggers, but I sometimes feel disheartened by the numbers board. Numbers do play a big part in blogging, it's good to have a benchmark to work towards and an end goal, but could the race for more numbers be overtaking the importance of the content itself?

You'll hear the phrase 'Content is king' thrown about a lot, and that is still very true. Reading my favourite blogs to find out what they're buying/wearing/reviewing that week is one of my best hobbies and I believe quality content will always rule over following numbers. It's interesting to see more bloggers tips and advice posts becoming popular over the past year, showing the support for others bloggers to reach their end goal. 

Personally, I hate focusing on the numbers and analytics. The worry of not tweeting x numbers of times a day, means your blog page views will start dropping etc. or only being able to post twice one week instead of the usual four times. But the truth is we're only humans. If you can't fit in all the needed social media posts, blog content and photography for that week because you've got other non-blog related things going on, then that's fine. 

If numbers are the only thing that represents how blog-worthy you are, then is it worth it? I blog for pure enjoyment, I love writing, have a passion for online, fashion and beauty and generally just like talking to other bloggers too. In my eyes, personal happiness, accomplishments and creativity mean so much more than a follower count. I'm not saying it's one or the other, you can enjoy writing and creating your blog and have numerical goals too and if it's your end-goal to become a full-time blogger then the numbers will matter to you and I would give you all the support for it too.

I guess what I wanted to get across in the post is that it's okay to struggle with blogging numbers, we're all human after all. You just do you and the numbers will follow - just enjoy blogging for what it is!

What's your opinion on followers and analytics? How important is it to you?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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