Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My First Facial and Massage Impressions

Okay, so the title of this blog post is a slight white lie as it isn't actually my first facial. I had one about four years ago from the same beauty therapist but haven't had the time or thought since to rebook! Then one day I just fancied treating myself to a facial along with a neck, back and shoulder massage. Recently my skin has been so dry and I've had a ton of breakouts across my chin and cheeks, mainly due to hormones - not ideal!

The last time I went for a facial, my skin with fairly oily and prone to breakouts, whereas now my skin is dry/combination and always with some sort of breakout! I don't know whether this change is just down to growing up or the environment I'm in, as London pollution isn't the kindest to skin. 

First I had my neck, back and shoulder massage, which I'll tell you was so relaxing and just what I needed. I felt so at peace and zoned out for a little while, listening to the tinkly music and smelling all the essential oils aroma. If you find your neck is strained at work or tend to get back ache from sitting all day, I'd definitely recommend treating yourself to a little massage every now and then.

Then onto the facial. First my beauty therapist started with a deep cleanse with essential oils and nourishing creams. Essential oils are the only products which can penetrate deep into the skin, rather than moisturisers and serums which just sit on top of the skin. After a few gentle massages, my beauty therapist popped on a face mask and left me for 10 mins to basically fall asleep in the cosy room. Then she removed the face mask with warm water and sponges before applying moisturiser and eye cream. 

Afterwards my skin was left so smooth and soft without any annoying dry patches either! My favourite part was just relaxing and not having to worry about rushing from A to B or constantly checking my phone - a much needed TLC time!

As well as leaving with a fresh new face and relaxed back, I also came away with a few samples! The brand my beauty therapist uses is Decleor, a favourite of mine too, which is a French brand using essential oils and natural products. My prescription card also tells me which products suit my skin type and how to use them too!

Have you had a facial before? 

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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