Sunday, 10 April 2016

Instagram: Spring weather, OOTD and avocado on toast

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I cannot tell you how much I love the lighter evenings! Now I actually get to work when its light and leave when it's STILL light! Definitely not taking this view for granted either. Only thing is that it's still bloomin' cold and my hay fever has started....

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How good does this Easter chocolate cake look?! Unfortunately it has now disappeared but we still have photo evidence of how good it tasted! I'm still munching my way through all my Easter eggs and now my skin has delightfully broken out in a million spots across my chin and they're the really annoying under-the-skin type. 

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I showed off my man-ish tailoring in this OOTD last week and loads of you on Instagram and in the comments loved it! This shirt is a particular favourite of mine and the go-to piece for when I need something a little smarter for work. Plus whenever I wear a shirt I'm always in the productive mood to work! 

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With the start of April came the April showers! Last week was the craziest in London too. I went out to Tesco on Monday and got caught in a hail storm and had to hide in a shop until it stopped! In this photo it's actually raining, but you can't tell because it's too sunny. Also I always try looking for a rainbow when it's a weird sunny/rainy hybrid, please tell me I'm not alone?

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How cliche avocado on toast! But I can't just eat that alone and add two scrambled eggs on top and a sprinkle of this amazing herbal salt from Lakeland. This is my current favourite breakfast at the weekends, along with a sneaky croissant and banana to keep me going! 

Have you got any favourite breakfast recipes? How's your past week been?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon x

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