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How To Deal with Period Pain

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So us girls go through it even month, and still manage to survive! I know some people get it a lot worse and others march on through it, but period pain is, ironically, a pain. Some months are absolutely fine after taking a few painkillers but others are complete agony. By now I've found a few simple ideas and tricks that can hopefully help you with period pain!

1. Get on your comfiest PJs. Lets face it, when you're not feeling your best, you don't really care what you look like and would rather be wrapped up in a duvet cocoon. Along with a hot water bottle.

2. Take your mind off it with a video. There's thousands of youtubers or Netflix series to watch, so snuggle down and start watching a few videos to take your mind off it.

3. Practise mindfulness with colouring books. My usual 'can't-stand-my-period-pain' set up is in bed, with a youtube video and a colouring book. Not only is it taking your focus away on your period pain, but also helps your mind to focus and relax. 

4. Time for a pamper session. This is the time of month when I'm feeling the lowest about my body/skin/hair, breakouts happen, I consume too much chocolate and my hair isn't doing the thing it's suppose to! I'll turn to a few gentle face masks and a nourishing hair treatment to perk my mood back up.

5. Take those painkillers! Normally I hate taking any medication that isn't necessary, but I can never survive through period pain without some ibuprofen or paracetamol. There's tons of 'period pain' specific tablets which are fairly expensive, but take a look at the ingredients and compare to others and you'll find they're not to dissimilar. I actually found migraine tablets that have almost the exact same ingredients as a branded period pain one, at half the price. 

What are your top tips for getting through period pain?

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