Sunday, 24 April 2016

10 Life Lessons Learnt From TV Show Friends

Friends is one of those TV shows which teaches you more than you realise. From how to deal with breakups (read the 18 pages Ross, FRONT AND BACK!) to where to hide a scary book (the freezer, obvs), there's a life lesson to learn in every Friends episode.

I'm a massive Friends addict and have probably gone through the box set at least 10 times. It's a feel-good comfort blanket to just flick on and push away the worries of the day. So I thought I would share my 10 life lessons I've learnt from my fab Friends, Joey, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel.

1. You will find the right job/career for you... eventually. Rachel went from serving coffee to working in Ralph Lauren and even though it took a good few seasons, Chandler finally found his dream job in advertising. Just keep persisting and you'll find your perfect job.

2. Don't over do the teeth whitening strips or fake tan. Classic Ross can't quite count properly in any of his beauty fails, but if tango skin and light-up-in-the-dark smile is your thang, go for it!

3. Love has a lot of its ups and dos. There's been a few rocky patches for Monica and Chandler but they both got through them and don't even get me started on Ross and Rachel - are they on or off?! Whatever happens, you'll find your lobster. 

4. Playing Fireball inside is not a good idea. Maybe outside in an area without any trees... or people... or maybe just don't play it, yeah?

5. Sometimes your soul mate is the person you least expect. Chandler and Monica are the perfect example of friends before a couple. It's like that saying, you never know what's in front of your eyes until it's gone!

6. Always remember to pivot when helping someone to move in. Or pay the delivery guys to do it for you? Above all, just remember to PIVOT!

7. Be yourself and people will like you. Phoebe sings about smelly cats and runs like a crazy kooky lady. Stick to your morals and don't forget who you are.

8. Trifle and Shepard's Pie taste like feet. It's not a recipe I would recommend, but when the book pages get stuck together what you gonna do?

9. Sometimes family can make the best of friends. Monica and Ross have the best sibling relationship, remember the routine? And they still wrestle....

10. Your squad will do anything for you. As different and mad as they are, Friends wouldn't be Friends without their amazing friendship and the lengths they will go to support each other. 

And that's why I love Friends.

What's your best life lesson learnt from Friends or a TV show?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

P.S. How many times did I say friends in this post?! 

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