Thursday, 3 March 2016

Winter Primark and Pull & Bear Haul

Even though I have a wardrobe full of winter clothes, January pay day came around and Primark was calling again. I popped down to Brighton on weekend with a friend and spent a little retail therapy...

Winter Primark and Pull & Bear Haul, Fashion, Blog, Blogger, Grey, Dress, Grey Dress, Grey Roll Neck Dress,
Primark Grey Roll Neck Knit Dress £10

First up is my favourite pick of the bunch! It may seem really simple, and it is, but it's such a versatile piece for work and casual weekends. The material is a very fine knit and I usually wear a long sleeved top underneath as I am always so cold! It has a slight roll neck at the top and is very stretchy and cosy. I've been wearing this with a pair of black knee high boots, statement necklace and leather jacket - simple and easy!

Winter Primark and Pull & Bear Haul, Grey, Roll Neck, Jumper, Charcoal, Grey Roll Neck Jumper, Primark,
Primark Grey/Charcoal Roll Neck Jumper £8

So I only managed to buy two roll neck style jumpers from Primark - quite an accomplishment I would say! Again this is a fairly thin knit in a dark grey/charcoal fleck style which I'll usually where a long sleeved top underneath. I'll be wearing this tucked into skirts, with high waisted jeans and underneath dresses too. There was a slight grey roll neck theme going on in Primark...

Winter Primark and Pull & Bear Haul, Primark, Burgundy, Top, Blouse, Sheer, Top, Fashion, Blog, Blogger
Primark Burgundy Sheer Top £10

Now looking through these photos I can see my haul isn't that exciting! I picked up this top as another basic to add to my work wardrobe, as I love burgundy colours during autumn and winter. I've already worn this for a work event with a plain necklace and blazer, but I'll definitely be trying it with my leather skirt and textured cardigans! It is fairly sheer so you'll need to wear a black or dark coloured top underneath but that's no problem with me!! Although I did see someone double my age wearing the same top the other day... 

Winter Primark and Pull & Bear Haul, Trousers, Blue Tile Print, Summer Trousers, Fashion, Blog, Blogger,
Primark Blue Tile Trousers £8

So you'll have to excuse the creases in these trousers! Why do I always manage to pick up clothes which will crease to no end?! These Primark trousers are linen fabric with a blue tile print all over and a black and grey tile print stripe down the side. I'm hoping for a hot summer this year (fingers crossed!) but if not this will work great for work and summer city breaks!

Winter Primark and Pull & Bear Haul, Fashion, Blog, Blogger, Love, Love Heart Shirt, Pull & Bear, Haul,

Winter Primark and Pull & Bear Haul, Fashion, Blog, Blogger, Love, Love Heart Shirt, Pull & Bear, Haul,

Last part of my haul is from Pull & Bear - a shop I always manage to find a few things in!! Their shirts are my favourite and I have a swallow print shirt on my wishlist already... Again super creasy and light but I have already worn this with a red cardigan for Valentine's Day and can imagine wearing it a lot during the summer too as it's super light. I adore the print too as it's not just hearts but hearts with little wings too - I'd definitely recommend having a look at Pull & Bear for fab clothes at good prices.

Have you done a haul recently? What's your favourite purchase?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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