Thursday, 31 March 2016

This Month I...

Had another crazy month! If I thought February whizzed past, then March was just a blur to me. My mum, sister and I held another charity coffee morning, selling cakes, raffle tickets and more for our local hospice, I managed to squeeze in a few social visits with friends and I had the best long and relaxing Easter weekend! I hope March was a fab month for you too.

This Month I..., Macaroons, How To Make Macaroons, Nutella, Chocolate Macaroons

This Month I... ate homemade macaroons! I tried and attempted to make chocolate macaroons from the Nutella recipe book and shared my recipe here. Even though they don't quite look like macaroons, they still tasted the same and I'll definitely be trying them again!

Accessorize, Backpack, Two Toned, Smart Backpack, Accessorize Backpack, This Month I..., March

This Month I... bought a new backpack. So it was RIP to my fellow ASOS black leather bag and hello to this Accessorize favourite! Backpacks are so much easier for me to use when walking to work and helps ease back and shoulder pain. After a long time searching, I finally found this one in the sale, so keep an eye out for OOTD's posts with this bag! Shop this backpack here.

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This Month I... read Blogosphere magazine. I've always seen bloggers talking about the new issues of Blogospehere magazine, but never managed to pick one up in time. After searching for a while, I managed to find a copy in WH Smith and have loved all the amazing tips and new blog reads! I'd definitely recommend it to all bloggers. 

This Month I... watched The People vs. Oj Simpson: American Crime Story. Oh my, this is an amazing tv series to watch! It's available on BB iPlayer and also on BBC2 and is honestly a really great crime show to watch. I've always been interested in the American court system and this story is such a high profile case that it's not one to miss! Watch it here.

Legacy Cheer & Dance Competition, london, Cheerleading, Cheer, Competition, Olympic Park, 2016, This Month I..., March

The Month I... experienced my first cheerleading competition! One of my lovely colleague and friend at work trains as a cheerleader part time and had a competition last month in London (it just missed the February This Month I...!), which I went along to to support her team. My colleague and friend is a flyer, which means she's one of the girls which gets thrown up in the air a lot and as her and her team are one of the best in the country, of course they won their division! The whole experience was so fun and exciting, so next time there's a London comp I'll be going along again. 

What did you get up to in March? What were you highlights?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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