Sunday, 6 March 2016

Instagram: Healthy Lunch, Rose Gold Candle and London

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A few weeks ago I took off a Monday for a long weekend, which included this delicious (and super healthy) lunch in Tunbridge Wells. I'm always trying to eat healthier, whilst not compromising on taste. Basil is a fab healthy food cafe in Tunbridge Wells that serves yummy food and to-die for salads!

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Like any other blogger, I love all things rose gold. Just add a few tea lights and it throws off some really pretty patterns! You can grab three for £8.99 from New Look.

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It's always exciting when my monthly Glamour magazine subscription comes in, especially when there's a little gift too! Balance Me and Glamour have created their own tinted lip balm, minty flavour and a pink/purple tint. I'm not sure if it's just for subscribers or not, but definitely a have look out!

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Now that the lighter evenings are finally here (thankfully!) there's some great photo opportunities in London. I snapped this one when walking home from work on Friday past Regent Street, I just love all the windows and chimney pots! 

What's been your highlight this week? Link me your Instagrams below!

Rhiannon x

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