Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Beginners Blogging Series: Tracking

Even though I'm super small compared to massive bloggers (but it's not all about comparison!) I thought I would share a mini series of tips and tools for beginners to blogging. It's just  a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way, and if you have your own, please do add them in the comments!

Tracking is such handy information to start looking at a few months into blogging - it can help mold your blog content and where and when you share your content! All of them are free too!

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Bitly - In short, this tool shortens your links and tracks when and where someone has clicked on them. For example, copy your link into bitly and it'll create a unique URL for you to share and distribute where you like. You can also personalise your link too, but it's got to be quite short and not already in use!

I'll go into more detail about Bitly when it comes to the Social Media post of this series, but in terms of tracking, it's one I couldn't do without. It gives you results on when the link was clicked and where, giving you great information on where and what time you should be sharing your links!

Beginners Blogging Series: Tracking, Beginners Blog Guide, Google Analytics, Website Tracking, GA Tracking, Google Analytics Help,

Google Analytics - In my opinion, you should have GA set up when you begin your blog, so you can get an idea of progress. There's tons of blog posts and advice on how to set up GA, from the basic coding to more technical bits, so have a Google - but starting with the basics is good to begin with!

In short, GA tracks all your website activity. From how many visitors view your blog per month, how long they stay on your blog for to how many are new and returning visitors. As you can see from my blog there are peaks on Sundays, then it dips in the middle of the week and comes back up on a Thursday and Friday. For further detail, GA can tell you where your visitors are coming from e.g. organic search, referral, social media etc. which gives you a good idea of where to focus your promotion!

Note: More About Cat has a great post on Google Analytics For Bloggers here.

Beginners Blogging Series: Tracking, Beginners Blog Guide, Website Tracking, Blog Tracking, Twitter Tracking, Tweriod, Twitter Anayltics, Best Time To Tweet,

Tweriod - Every month I'll request a Tweriod analysis for my Twitter account, as it's my most used social media account before Instagram. If you find you're using Instagram or Facebook more, there's tons of other websites which give you an idea of your account analytics.

Tweriod provides results for 'Most Exposure When Tweeted Between' and 'Most Followers Online Between' on a weekly, weekend and daily basis. It's results can vary, so do try a few different times to see if you can better results but overall it's a good guidance to follow (and it's free!). 

Beginners Blogging Series: Tracking, Beginners Blog Guide, Website Tracking, Blog Tracking, Twitter Tracking, Twitter Analytics, Best Time To Tweet,

Twitter Analytics - Probably my favourite tracking tool to use, Twitter Analytics gives you a monthly overview of all your tweets, impressions, profile visits, mentions and followers. It also highlights your Top Tweet, Top Media Tweet, Top Mention and Top Follower each month. 

If you click the Tweets tab, it breaks down each tweet you've done and how many impressions it's has, as well as click-throughs, expansions, RTs etc. Then click on the Audiences tab and you'll find a ton of helpful information! From gender, nationality, likes and interests, you can really build curated content for your audience on Twitter. Of course for there's also Facebook Insights (which is even more in depth!) and Iconosquare for Instagram too! 

What's your best tool for tracking? Any tips on tracking your blog?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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