Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Box Of Gratitude

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I'm a big believer in a positive attitude for a positive life outlook and today, I'm introducing you to my Box Of Gratitude. Across Pinterest and Instagram I've seen people create jars full of personal handwritten messages as a gift and took that idea to create my own. The idea of the Box Of Gratitude is to write down on my mini notepad (from an old Benefit Cosmetics advent calendar!) something I am grateful for, something good that happened that day or a note that makes me smile. Some might think it's a bit selfish or odd thing to do, but I'm not the best at keeping diaries so a note a day for my Box Of Gratitude helps keep track!

Once I've written the note, I fold it up after adding a date on the back. Then when I'm having a rubbish or down day, I just take one note out of the box and receive instant gratitude. I've already pre-filled a few notes to keep me going through January (because we all know what a rubbish month it is!) and aim to add at least 4 notes to my box every week. The great thing is that only you write and read the notes, so you can add anything you like that you know will add a smile to your face!

What do you think of The Box Of Gratitude? Do you do something similar?

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