Sunday, 24 January 2016

Instagram: New Dress, Snow and Switching Off From Technology

As if I need another reason to shop at Zara, but how cute are their tags?! Anything that adds a bit of personality to shopping gets my thumbs up.

I posted about a new L'Oreal Makeup Haul on the blog the other day. L'Oreal isn't usually a brand I go for, but I do really rate their eye makeup! Full review here.

It's probably been a few months since I last had a haircut, you can usually tell by the length of my fringe by how over-due a haircut I am! I went to my local Toni & Guy for a trim last week and just couldn't stop stroking it afterwards... not just me right?!

And it snowed! Only briefly though, and I'm pretty glad about that because I didn't fancy wading through the snow on my way to work. 

I've been trying a technology detox recently, mainly because I am awful at trying to switch off before going to bed, which means I don't sleep that well. So far it's going well, but it does feel like a little out of the loop! Read my tips on Switching Off From Technology.

Hope you all have a great new week!

Thanks for reading,
Rhiannon x

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