Sunday, 10 January 2016

Instagram: A Catch Up, New OOTD and The Best Burger

A little #MotivationalMonday (and yes I really did say that!) I spotted this at a flea market in Lewes and couldn't resist posting it to Instagram! I had a really rubbish and stressful day at work this week, but my colleagues kept making me laugh and smile. So keep smiling even through the bad days and especially whilst you still have teeth!

A posted about my Box Of Gratitude this week, post here. Basically to start the year off, I thought I'd start filling this tin of good thoughts, appreciative moments and happy quotes that I can pick through whenever I'm having a down day. And so far it really works!

There were a few weird trends in 2015 (glitter eyebrows and pool sliders, I'm looking at you!) but one of my favourite comebacks is the humble roll neck jumper. I'm not a low cut top kinda gal anyway, but these jumpers are just too cosy and cool! I wrote about this OOTD the other day and have worn the exact same outfit at least twice since... 

Hungry? Yup, so am I now! Along with my dearest and oldest friend, we're always on the hunt for a good burger place in London. Just before Christmas we tried out BRGR.Co in Soho and it's basically knocked Five Guys, Shake Shack and Byron Burger off the top spots. I'd definitely recommend the sweet potato chips and cheesecake too!

Sneak peek of an OOTD coming this week! I couldn't resist a quick selfie whilst taking photos, as my selfie folder in my phone pictures is filling up wayy too quickly. Also in need of a serious haircut, look at how long my fringe is! Totally in my eyes and so annoying...

What was your highlight this week? And don't forget to follow on Instagram!

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Rhiannon x

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