Monday, 18 January 2016

How To Switch Off From Technology

The hardest thing I am finding at the moment is switching off from technology. There's always a Youtube video to watch, a Twitter chat to join or blogs to read and comment on. It doesn't help that I sit in front of a computer all day, watch programes on my iPad on my commute then browse the internet during my evenings. 

So as a sort of New Year resolution, I've planned to cut down on the technology procrastination. You know those times when you end up so far into Instagram, you can't find the original photo you clicked off from? Or those long Facebook sessions where you've ended up on an ex-boyfriend's sister's fiance's profile? To stop those super fun times, I've come up with a few easy-to-follow points I thought I'd share:

- Allotted time. 
When you actually count up how long you've probably spent on a computer, phone or tablet, it can sometimes be a big chunk out of your day. Obviously if you work on a computer then you can't escape using that one, but allotting an hour, say from 7-8pm during the evenings, helps to bring a bit of structure - and makes you use the time more efficiently! 

- Switch off after 9pm. 
It's known that the light from technology devices can keep your brain awake and stop you from sleeping well. I always try to switch off my phone and tablet after 9pm then read a book to help me fall asleep better!

- Manage your time.
There's tons of apps which can help manage you battery and data usage, but an app called BreakFree tracks how often you pick up your phone, how long you use it for and can help you set goals to minimise your phone usage everyday.

- Spend time doing other things.
Activities that don't involve using technology are a great way to spend some time away from your phone. I'm an avid reader and have tons of books to read which are a perfect alternative to another Youtube video. Colouring books, spending time with friends and family or trying out a new receipe are all fab to try too!

What do you do to switch off from technology? What do you think of these tips?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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