Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How To Pick Yourself Back Up

There are those days when nothing quite goes right and you're in a slightly low mood by the end of it. I'll admit that these past few months have been pretty tough, but you wouldn't be able to appreciate the good times without the dips and dives of life's events. When I do come back from a day that's been nothing but annoying, there's a few tips and tricks that I use to pick myself back up again.

- Treat yourself.
Whether its a bar of chocolate or that new lipstick that you've been dying to get your hands on, a little treat can go a long way to improve your mood. For me, it's something sweet! Hint: Krispy Kreme donuts never go amiss in my books.

- Have a laugh.
Because there are more important things in life to get down over. I'm lucky enough to have friends, family and colleagues who are always a great laugh to get me out of my mood!

- Don't sweat it.
There's just going to be those days where there's no way to change your mood, so don't sweat it. Tomorrow is another day and only you have control over how your day goes.

- Got a worry? Tell someone about it.
Getting caught up with worry is another thing you can get down about, but always try talking to someone about it. Just say 'I've got something on my mind, is it okay if we can have a chat?' It's better to get it out than stew over it and stay in a bad mood!

- And if all else fails... there's Friends.
Guaranteed to cheer you up, Friends is my favourite TV show and grumpy mood killer.

What do you do to pick yourself back up from a bad mood?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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