Tuesday, 17 November 2015

How You Can Give To Charity Tips and Ideas

How You Can Give To Charity Tips Ideas

There's a great quote from Anne Frank; no one has ever become poor by giving. And that is so true and a quote which I believe in because even the smallest things can help grateful people in need. So I thought I'd compile a list of how you can give to charity, from the small to the big:

1. Host your own event. It doesn't have a to cost a lot and you can play up to your own strengths. Great at baking? Host a bake sale or challenge your work colleagues to a bake off! Amazing at hair and makeup? Run a how-to workshop and donate the ticket price to charity. Love singing? Start a battle of the bands at school or university, sell tickets and put the proceeds towards a charity. Macmillian do a coffee morning pack to help you get started.

2. Run, walk or swim for sponsorship. There's so many different marathons, walks and sporting events which you can take part and raise money for. Not only are you raising money for charity, but you're also improving your fitness too! My favourites are Age UK 10K Series and Cancer Research's Shine Night Walk.

3. Donate your time. Got a spare few weekends ahead of you? Red Cross are always looking for volunteers at charity shops, emergency response or helping young people out. TimeBank help you volunteer for projects near you and help build your life skills along the way.

4. Shop at charity shops. Personally, I've found so many gems in charity shops that I spend as much time in them than I do in the traditional high street shops. A polish or wash can make clothes and shoes look brand new, and you never know what you might find!

5. Set up a monthly direct debit. Most charities have regular donations schemes, where you can choose from as little as £2 per month to send to your chosen charity. £2 a month isn't a lot or something you might miss greatly, but it can be put towards helping those in need.

What do you do for charity? Any other tips or ideas to give to charity?

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