Thursday, 1 October 2015

OOTD: Flower Power Trousers and Burgundy Sweater

OOTD Fashion Blogger Primark Flower Trousers and Burgundy Sweater

Coat: H&M
Jumper: H&M/Custom Made
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Accessorize

You know when you have a sudden light bulb and 'Why didn't I think of that before?!" moment? This outfit is an example of just that. Obvious it's not conquering the world or discovering the cure to a disease, but it just proves that classic and simple pieces are versatile. Trousers are a favourite of mine (well, duh) but add a pattern and structured shape and I'm all over it.

There's proof that if you're wearing the right clothes and feeling confident, then you can take over the world.  For me, it's a simple shirt and trouser combo with a pair of smart heeled boots or loafers. Even though Primark can be seen as not great for work clothes, I totally diasgree, you've just got to look properly to find it! Generally I can spot a good piece of clothing from the touch, shape and style of it - and you know from there that you'll have found a winner.

What's your confidence clothing? Have you found any gems at the moment?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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