Sunday, 11 October 2015

Instagram: 1D Concert, Autumn and The Coatagain

It's been a while since I've done an Instagram update, mainly because I've been cramming in so much since I got back from holiday there hasn't even been time to watch The Great British Bake Off properly (don't worry, I'm all caught up now!)

Instagram Lifestyle Post One Direction Concert London o2 September

 So it happened again. My sister and I managed to grab a few tickets to One Direction's last UK tour (for the foreseeable future...) Luckily we had an amazing view at the o2 and the band put a lot of effort into the show, considering this was their sixth and last night! Of course my favourites of Little White Lies and Stockholm Syndrome were played, as well as their new track, Drag Me Down. A highlight of my year!

On another adventure note, I visited the BBC last week! We won two tickets to attend the BBC Tours and spent our day in the One Show Studios, visiting radio stations and presenting the news and weather. Blog post on the day coming next week!

The coatagan is officially back now that the summer has gone. It's the perfect in between of going from a denim jacket to a full on ski coat when it turns really cold. The fabric is more cardigan than coat, but the shape still makes it smart enough for work. Full OOTD post here.

Instagram Lifestyle Post London Park Summer Sunshine

Aww, now isn't this a great shot? Usually I'm rubbish that those spur of the moment pictures, but I managed to dig out my phone just at the right time. Sunny days like this almost make autumn and winter bearable!

What's been your highlight this week?

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