Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween Inspiration

Every year Halloween just seems to get bigger and bigger in celebrations. Shops bring out the decorations, sweets and costumes from the beginning of October and everyone starts planning their parties and trick-or-treating.

Of course the best place for any holiday inspiration are Pinterest and Youtube, so I've picked out a few of my favourite recipes, craft DIYs and tutorials. Enjoy!

Besides the obvious dressing up and Halloween outfits, I do love a Halloween themed food. There are so many creative recipes for Halloween, but this recipe from Party Ideas Craft Gossip is my favourite. So easy to make and tasty too, they really do look like pumpkins! Follow the recipe here.

Halloween Inspiration 2015 Food DIY Crafts Costumes Make Up Tutorial Pinterest Youtube

Second to decorating the house for Christmas, there's so much out there to deck the halls with cobwebs! All those old jam and chutney jars you've just got lying around? Wrap it up in orange tissue paper and you've got a pumpkin or try wrapping round a bandage or cotton wool for a mummy. Follow the DIY steps here.

Go for a classic cat, witch or pumpkin style, but sometimes the simplest of outfits are the best. I spotted this on Pinterest and just had to share it on here! All you'll need is a blue hoodie, black sunglasses and pen and paper for a Mean Girls-stylie Halloween outfit. See 15 Fun, Unique DIY Halloween Outfits.

Makeup Tutorial
For me, Pixiwoo have the best makeup tutorial, Halloween or other. This year I loved Nic's Harley Quinn tutorial, not only is it super fast but you don't need a ton of products either! Watch it here.

Where do you get your halloween inspiration from?

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