Thursday, 22 October 2015

A letter to myself when I'm feeling a bit rubbish...

Dear future Rhiannon,

Hi. It is weird talking to you from the past? A bit like those Back To The Future films when they accidentally bump into their past self or family member. Lets not get too freaked out about this and try to remember the point of this letter is to actually make you feel better.

Some days you're going to come home and think 'this has been the worst day in my life' but has it really been that bad?! It's one day out of 365 this year that you're never going to get back, so file it away into your 'rubbish day' bank and move on to the next day.

Maybe your train was delayed or cancelled, perhaps you made a big mistake at work or maybe you forgot to pack your ipod and you're left listening to the oversharers on the train. But in the grand scheme of things, this really isn't a bad day. You'll probably have even forgotten about it by the time you've read this post.

Don't forget how amazing your family and friends are - remember those times? Don't forget how hard you've worked to get the career you've only just started - remember your first day at college? Don't forget that everyone else has been or will be in the same position and feeling the same things are you are - remember your first interview? Don't forget that you're actually pretty cool, funny (okay, funny to laugh at sometimes...!) and actually a fab person, and I don't care if that sounds big headed - remember that okay?

Now just have a bath, get your favourite hair and face mask, settle down with a book and your favourite One Direction album and just relax - okay? It's one day out of a million, so don't let this day change the other 999,999 days in your life. "Worrying will never change the outcome."

Yours truly,

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