Saturday, 12 September 2015

My Instagram Favourites

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Instagram is probably my favourite social network to while the time away. All you need is an account and a scrolling thumb to like and flick through hundreds of photos, and you've successfully spent your hours.

Of course there's a few favourites which I'm forever liking and commenting on. Whether it's the amazing photography (well duh) or the poignancy of the images, I'll always be checking up on these accounts to see their latest Instas.

1. Exploring Japan
 Surprise surprise, I follow an account all about Japan. Lets face it, if I can't move there right now, I can like the pretty photos right? A few of their recent images are places I've been to, so it brings back lots of memories too!

Go follow @exploringjapan

2. Cluttered Closet
Being a blogger addicted to Instagram, I also follow a ton of other bloggers! Mainly to stalk their amazing photography that actually puts mine to shame, Kal also shares mini beauty reviews of her empties and has the best layouts I've seen.

Go follow @theclutteredcloset

3. Random Turtle
For those snippets of funny screenshots and quick witty comments, I love Random Turtle. I can't quite remember how I found this account but it's provided many laughs on a crowded commuter train.

Go follow @randomturtle

4. Make Up Sessions
You know that account that always has the best makeup collection? I've found it. Beti's photos are on another level and her marble backgrounds never look like a cliche but classy and sophisticated. If you can't afford new makeup but like looking at them, here's your new addiction.

Go follow @makeupsessions

5. Humans Of New York
Originally I was just following the blog version of Humans Of New York, but recently found the Instagram account was the best way to keep up! The photographer, Brandon travels, not just in New York, but also across the world to capture people's fascinating life stories. He also organises fund raising pages for people in need, which is an amazing thing to do in my opinion.

Go follow @humansofny

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Any I should be following?

Thanks for reading - and don't forget to follow my Instagram (shameless promotion, I know!)
Rhiannon x

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