Saturday, 19 September 2015

My Favourite Things About Autumn

Bath Favourite Things About Autumn

Now that it's September, it's okay to talk about Autumn and Winter isn't it? I don't have a particular favourite season because I usually get bored of one by the end and can't wait for the next weather style to roll around! 

With that in mind, I thought I'd share my favourite things about Autumn so even if you don't like the season, there are a few things to look forward to. 

1. Cosy Clothes.
Fluffy socks, thick jumpers, boots, gloves, scarves. The list goes on and on really. By the time September comes around, you're probably bored of wearing crop tops and shorts all summer that it's time to throw on the winter woolies and get cosy.

2. Comforting Food.
I don't think there's anything better than a warm Sunday roast when the weather is throwing all sorts of rain, hailstones and snow outside. Also can I mention marshmallows? Even better is S'Mores from across the pond. Hershey's have a great recipe of basically melted marshmallow, chocolate and biscuit = YUM.

3. Christmas.
Yes I said the C word because there's less than 4 months to go! Cue "I remember last Christmas like it was yesterday..." It's socially acceptable to start visually planning your Christmas and New Years Eve whilst humming along to a carol and eating mince pies.

4. Crunchy Autumn Leaves.
There's nothing more satisfying than listening to the crunch of autumn leaves. I love seeing all the different shades of burgundy red, smouldering brown, deep oranges and light yellows. Just be careful of any hedgehogs about!

5. Coming To An End.
I always relate Autumn as the start of the end of the year. It might be back to school/uni/work for some people, but once the excitement of summer holidays has calmed, it's time to wind down next to the fire with a good book. 

What are your favourite things about Autumn?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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