Thursday, 17 September 2015

Current Favourite Pins

The hours I have spent pinning and liking pins to add to my collection of boards has turned into a #PinterestAddiction. Did I ever think it would come to this? Yes I did. And I'm sure there's a Pinterest addiction quote for that too...


If there is a crime against Pinterest, it would be my constant scrolling through the Quotes section. There's just something about an uplifting quote that can change your whole day. My personal favourite is this one from Buddha, because I believe every experience has something to learn or gain from it - it's why they're called experiences! 

Roll neck jumper? Check. Leopard print accessory? Check. Black skinny jeans? Check. This outfit sums up my wardrobe for this autumn and winter! Beautifully captured, I'm obsessed with scrolling through Pinterest to find some outfit inspiration. Favourites have to be Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner and Alexa Chung - how can they all look so effortlessly cool?!

They're called #goals for a reason. I'm always on the hunt for a new hairstyle or nail art to try out and Pinterest is guaranteed to have the answer within five minutes tops. Look how cute this nail art is? Just something simple and easy to recreate!

Home Decor
Although this board mainly started out as a bedroom inspiration board, I do love an office or cosy reading room pin! Of course it's given me more ideas than I will ever need for my 'dream house' but we've all got to start somewhere...

Possibly my favourite board of them all, I love a good travel pin. Whether it's the urban streets of London, my love of Brighton or in the depths of Japan and history of Peru, there's a pin for it! I actually had this pin as a background on my phone for ages, just shows how much I love New York.

What's your current favourite pin? Leave your Pinterest links below too!

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Rhiannon x

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