Sunday, 23 August 2015

Instagram Week: Eating Healthy, Brighton Beach and Festival OOTD

Healthy Eating Muesli Nuts Banana Blueberries Millied Linseed Yogurt Breakfast

It might just be the weather, but I've been eating seriously healthy stuff these past few weeks! Usually I'll opt for the chocolate granola (hey, I need a treat in the mornings?) but I found a super nutty, which means super healthy, muesli instead. Just add a few blueberries, a sprinkle of milled linseed, a banana and yogurt and I'm good to go!

Along with every other British person, I've barely cracked out my summer flip flops and shorts because the weather has been SO RUBBISH this year. I posted my What To Wear To A Festival OOTD the other day and it just makes me so sad that the next week is full of rain and storms!

Brighton Pier Summer 2015

I did make the most of the good weather on Friday though and headed down to my favourite city, Brighton, to watch Pulp Fiction on the beach. It's part of the Brighton Big Screen company, where from 14th August to 13th September 93 films will be played on a massive screen right on the beach! Just next to the pier, you've got a few food and drink trucks to keep you going and even better films to keep you entertained. I'd definitely recommend it - especially as tickets are only £3 how good is that?!  

What's been your highlights this week?

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